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Green Programs

We have to do the extra

If we just do the little extra, not much, but a small bit on every level. we can

do massive changes all over the world.

Green Energy and Storage

In a fast speed we will during 2024 establish a great numbers of electricity

storage facilities in Sweden as a project to increase stability in the grid.

The storage levels on each site will be from the capacity of 100kw to 40.000kw.

Tech development

The primary tech development is today in the wide range of using drones both in security and the private sector with updated AI.

Another tech area is in fire fighting where we see all opning of replacing

older systems with newer aerosol systems that is more effective and better

for both the enviroment and humans.


There is a huge future in the sector of capture and storing carbon.

The most common today is DAC - Direct Air Capture, but we have

our aim on the market of producing biochar and putting in the

ground at farms since the lever of char har decreased alot when

using chemical fertilizer. There is a massive amounts of upsides

when using this method.

Microbes for develope farming

We are today in the process of star the production of our own brand

and mix of microbes for farming, green areas and forest.

This is the natural way of increasing the quality of the soil.


Become part of our growing community to help save the soil and the habitat that we need to survive.


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